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Youth America / LMAC Youth
Youth friendly martial arts training and workout. Children will be instructed in proper technique, confidence and self-discipline while having fun and constantly moving.
Next  youth classes start April 22nd, 2024. There will be three Youth sessions. Returning students please choose the session that best fits your schedule: Mondays 5:30PM and 6:15PM; Wednesdays 5:30PM. New Students: Please plan to attend Wednesdays at 5:30PM.

Cardio KickBoxing
Basic kickboxing techniques will be used to provide an intense cardio workout. The class will utilize handmits, mirror work and body opponent bags.
Martial Arts Training
A modern blend of traditional Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing.

Gear Up!

What to wear
Regular workout attire is appropriate for Cardio Kickboxing and your initial Martial Arts classes.  Workout pants and shorts should allow full freedom of movement for kicks and stretching. The Club has an assortment of gloves but most people choose to get their own at some point. Check out our Gear  page our Amazon List for other gear ideas.
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