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Master instructor, Richard D. Tauge

Master Tauge has been offering instruction in the martial arts for over 25 years. Master Tague is a eighth-degree black belt in the International Masters Association and certified Master in the World Tae Kwon Do Federation, USTU, and member of Florida Tang Soo Do Association, PKC Independant World Martial Arts Group, and United Martial Artists Association.

Steve Ames

At Purdue University he dabbled in TaeKownDo and Judo. In the 90s Aikijutsu under Daniel Pate, soke nidai, oikiru-ryu aikijutsu remmei. In 2001, Steve found a home at Lafayette Martial Arts Club and began training with Mr. Rick. Over the years he has competed in sparring and forms and assisting classes and eventually teaching classes. Steve is currently a fifth degree black belt at LMAC.

While LMAC is the main focus, Steve occasionally delves into other fitness and martial arts including Silat (Zulifkari and Perteumpuran), Modern Arnis and Historical European Martial Arts with ARMA. RMAX certified circular strength trainer (lambda class). Steve is an avid participant in Orienteering, cycling and the occasional adventure race or obstacle race.

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