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There are a lot of Martial Arts and Fitness clubs in and around Greater Lafayette, why choose Lafayette Martial Arts Club?
We might not be the best club for you unless you enjoy...
  • Working out hard
  • Learning from and mentoring others
  • Build great friendships with folks you also get to kick in the head
  • Keeping your workouts lighthearted and fun
  • A supportive community welcoming all shapes and types of folks

Member Stories

I started at LMAC around 2001.  I was about 80 pounds overweight and needed to make a change.  A few short years later I was a fit black belt in just about the best shape of my life.  Then life started throwing changes at me...I had a son and a new demanding job and stopped making time for LMAC.  After 15 years I'm back and starting to get in the groove again.  Have you been away for awhile?  Come back down and feel the good times again!
- Jason R.
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